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Action · A rather a-social family, gets a chance to live in an upper-class neighborhood. As they are not accepted by the snobs living there, they get in all sorts of trouble. Comedy · The anti-social Flodder family are living in a upscale suburban neighboorhood. They don't adjust to their environment, and keep on behaving like they're living on a trailer park. And the neighboorhood doesn't like it at all. Flodder is a Dutch comedy film written and directed by Dick Maas, and distributed by First Floor Features. It is the first film in the Flodder franchise and is followed by two more films and a spin-off series. The film follows an anti-social, dysfunctional family who move to an affluent, upper-class neighbourhood as part of a.

Flodder 3 is a Dutch comedy film directed by Dick Maas. It is the third and last movie about the anti-social family, called 'Flodder'. The movie is not a continuation of the previous two movies, but of the TV series. Different from the first two movies, son Kees is now played by actor Stefan de Walle and Johnnie Flodder is. 17 Dec Welcome to The Beverly Hillbillies, Dutch style. Nelly Frijda, Rene Van't Kof, Tatjana Sinic and Huub Stapel star as the low-rent, low-class Flodder family. Through a miracle of scripting, the Flodders move to a prosperous neighborhood. The resulting comedy highlights are all predicated on the old. Flodder is a Dutch media franchise created by Dick Maas (director of Amsterdamned), consisting of 3 movies and a television series. The franchise started with the movie Flodder from A second movie called Flodder in Amerika! followed in The tv series was broadcasted from to with a total of 5.

The staff member whose job it is to fend off your complaint (or other enquiry), and make sure you don't waste any management time. From the initials of "first line of defense". Synonyms: flodbod, flodperson. The verb is "to flod".


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