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VoiceOver Getting Started. This guide explains how to use VoiceOver, the advanced screen reader built into OS X Mountain Lion (version ). This guide includes lists of VoiceOver commands. To navigate the guide, select a link from the Table of Contents below to display the chapter. When you're done reading a chapter. To hear instructions about using the item, press VO-Shift-N. If you want to hear instructions automatically without pressing a command, select the option in the Hints pane of the Verbosity category in VoiceOver Utility. Descriptions, help tags, and instructions are displayed in the caption panel and braille panel, if the panels . This chapter introduces VoiceOver, the advanced screen-reading technology integrated into the Mac OS X operating system. VoiceOver enables users with visual disabilities to control their computer using a rich set of keyboard commands and gestures. This chapter provides an overview of VoiceOver and key topics such as.

Use these commands to turn VoiceOver on and off, get help, change basic settings, and enable and disable Commanders. Note:If your keyboard has an Fn key, press the Fn key when you press a function key. Action. Command. Turn VoiceOver on or off. Command-F5. Lock and unlock the VO (Control and Option) keys. 15 Sep VoiceOver is an Accessibility feature that makes the iPhone and iPad easier to operate for the blind and sight impaired. With VoiceOver, anyone with a visual impairment can have their iPhone or iPad's screen read to them, including buttons, icons, links, and other interface elements, and use gestures to. VoiceOver Getting Started Guide for Macbook Pro User Guide, kindly contributed by Michael Gerwat. A Note from Michael please note: I have as far as possible with out changing the text, reproduced this manual for braille users who wish to print it in braille. Due to the fact that there were literally hundreds of.

Here are some manuals and other documentation that should help the beginner learn about their iOS device and VoiceOver. Note that iOS 9.X is the current version of iOS, but I offer older documentation for reference and in case the user is utilizing an older system with an earlier version of iOS.. However, for this page, I am. iPad: Accessibility by Robert Miller and Miranda Anderson, Oklahoma School for the Blind. Available as PDF. This manual is available free online and, although somewhat dated, is still relevant as far as learning gestures, navigating the web, and organizing apps using VoiceOver. In addition, it has several chapters on. 26 Nov This quick reference defines gestures, keyboard commands, and refreshable braille commands for voiceover on iOS. The information in this document is current as of iOS version In an attempt to create a comprehensive list, we have collected material from the iOS users guide and many other sources.


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